This robust public-facing directory allows users to submit and track applications, view inspection results, submit renewals, and to pay any fees or invoices.


Digital Dashboard:

Our interactive digital dashboard positions MyHD™ as a replacement for government office.

Eliminates Paperwork:

Facilitates payment and eliminates manual paperwork. Back office filing, information gathering, and retrieving
is significantly sped up.

Direct Communication:

MyHD™ becomes a simple tool for communication between private industry and government agencies.

How It Works

MyHD™ is a mobile platform that positions HS GovTech as an extension of the government. The interactive dashboard is a conduit for direct communication between government agencies, private industries, and citizens.

Improving transparency.

Public inspection searches are improved,
and individuals can search for a specific
establishment or filter by various criteria
to find a range of establishments.

Provide establishment
operators with a portal for
payments and inspections.

Our system translates governmental
codes into everyday language to
facilitate faster service for the
inspector and a more comprehensive
understanding of fines by the

Field and store complaints from

Our software organizes complaints from
citizens and stores them in an easily
accessible interface in the cloud allowing
government employees to respond much

Make remedying violations easy
for operators.

Business operators can pay fees or
fines, view their inspection results, and
communicate with inspectors, making
sure that they can easily take
necessary action to resolve any issues.

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