Quickly conduct paperless field inspections from any place, at any time with our intuitive suite of native apps for iOS, Android and Windows.


Works without a data or
internet connection:

Forms are easily
accessed, edited, and
integrated, all without the
need for an internet

Capture more than
just text:

Use your tablet’s built-in
camera to easily capture
photos of what’s wrong
and what needs

Available on all

Available for Apple,
Android, and Windows

How It Works

HSTouch™ is our form processing and data collection module that functions without WiFi and data, making in the field inspections seamless and uncomplicated. Health Inspectors can visit remote or challenging sites with the app loaded on any mobile device and easily find forms or past data.

Complete inspections anywhere.

HSTouch™ eliminates the need to lug around a laptop while inspecting wells, septic systems, mobile sights, small kitchens, or tight spaces.

Improve efficiency.

Don’t waste time sifting through old files or searching for necessary forms. With HSTouch, inspectors will have all pertinent information at their fingertips.

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