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HealthSpace Announces the Completion of Development for the Alpha Phase of Its Blockchain Initiative – The VIA Marketplace API

Vancouver, BC – April 10, 2018 – HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. (the “Company” or “HealthSpace”) (CSE:HS) (Frankfurt:38H) (OTC:HDSLF) announced the successful completion of development for the alpha phase of its blockchain initiative. HealthSpace, in conjunction with its partner SIMBA Chain Inc., has developed the initial portions of the VIA Marketplace which include a fully web based UI and REST API for transmitting and retrieving data written to the Ethereum blockchain. This new development simplifies blockchain interactions and streamlines the data transmission process. HealthSpace will utilize the VIA API to hook into its existing mobile applications and will begin the process of furthering its utilization.

The API’s integration into HealthSpace’s HSTouch application will be the first environmental regulatory app to have integrations with blockchain technology. HealthSpace will begin piloting the API and its use with existing customers on an invite-only basis. The API extrapolates much of the complex nature of blockchain data exchanges and interlays it with distributed storage on the InterPlanetary File System. This allows for documents of all kinds to be stored cohesively alongside regulatory inspections and private industry audits.

HealthSpace CTO, Silas Garrison stated “This is a significant leap forward for our technology stack and I am immensely proud of our team and partners at SIMBA Chain. The vision for bringing blockchain technology into the regulatory sector, which thrives on cross collaboration, is truly the next generation of governance and software. We are excited to bring this forward to the market and solicit feedback from both government and private industry organizations.”

About HealthSpace

HealthSpace is an industry leading technology company currently providing inspection, information, communication and data management systems for federal, state, county and municipal governments. Over the last decade, HealthSpace has successfully developed both enterprise and mobile internet-based applications currently serving over 300 state and local government organizations across North America. HealthSpace currently offers the only integrated inspection, administration and analytics product suite across all platforms in North America. Further, HealthSpace now delivers inspection and auditing systems to private businesses enabling them to gain visibility and predictability into their operations to improve performance and safety. As HealthSpace continues to deliver focused service and innovative solutions to government and business organizations, it is developing advanced blockchain technology to revolutionize service delivery to its core market while expanding into other commercial enterprise verticals.

Forward-Looking Statements

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