An excellent example of our passion, and focus on continual innovation to make agencies more efficient, is our integrated virtual inspection capability.

HS GovCalL

Due to the unprecedented challenges thrust onto our client agencies by the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed that many of our agencies were doing what they were calling “phone” or “virtual” inspections and just noting it as “virtual inspection” in the notes.

If it was not practical, or a health risk, to go in the field for certain tasks, agencies were doing their best to do it “virtually.” A frequent example was a violation that could be verified over a video call as being corrected. There are some obvious issues with that, one of which was just the tech challenge of having an operator download an app and join a video call – or exposing an inspector’s personal mobile number if a “facetime” call was used.

In addition, the data entry was very manual after the call, and there was no other record of the activity that was captured, short of full manual re-entry of data from the call, based on the inspectors memory or notes taken.

fully integrated video

As a company obsessed with reacting to our client’s needs, we introduced fully integrated (in the browser embedded in the HS CloudSuite platform) video conferencing. Calls can be initiated
ad-hoc, or scheduled, and can be initiated in association with any regulatory activity in the system.

As a fully integrated video solution within our platform, it allows inspectors to pull up an inspection form in the system (or any other form or task) and mark violations, corrections, make comments directly in real-time, with the video being embedded in the same form where they are doing the activity. This eliminates jumping back and forth between apps.

tailored for government

The rich feature set produces the closest to “being there” in the field, short of actually being there.

It allows an inspector to click on the video and take a “picture” of what is on screen, and that will attach to the inspection as if the inspector was there in person and took a photo onsite.

It also produces a full,
real-time, transcription of
the entire regulatory event
– and can also include the
HD video and audio
recording of the inspection
(where allowed by statute).

Many of our clients intend
to make virtual inspections
– where the use case
makes sense – a permanent
part of their workflows,

post-pandemic, because of the power of HS GovCall. In addition, agencies are also beginning to look to replace standard video conferencing platforms (such as zoom) with GovCall, as it is more secure (HIPAA compliant), features a more robust feature set, and is tailored for government use beyond just the virtual inspection use case.

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