Founded in 1999, HS GovTech is the premier provider of web-based and mobile solutions for health and safety regulatory agencies across North America. We are committed to the mission of making government regulatory agencies more efficient – with a particular specialty with agencies that have permitting and inspection responsibilities.



We have, by far, the largest user base of any health and safety regulatory software in North America with over 900 city, county, and state environmental health, fire, agriculture, code enforcement and other regulatory agencies, using our highly configurable low-code, no-code COTS solution.



Our company also has
the distinction of having
the most states that
have adopted our
platform statewide as
the standard for local
agencies – with 10+ states
using HSCloud Suite as
their standard regulatory platform.



With a staff of over 100 full-time employees – with no offshoring – we
are one of the
companies committed exclusively to achieving outstanding results for governmental regulatory

The HS GovTech

One of the things that set HS GovTech apart is our staff and their expertise – and our zeal to continually innovate. Our team has a combined total of over 500 years of experience working with regulatory agencies, to meet their needs and provide solutions that make their agencies more efficient, transparent, and help extend and improve the services they can provide the public for each budget dollar spent.

Our product platform, “HSCloud Suite” (released in 2015) is a reflection of this innovation, and all of our years of experience, combining the latest in cloud-based technology, as well as mobile app technology for iPad, or Windows devices, for work in the field.

Not Just a Vendor – A Partner

Think of HS GovTech as an extension of your staff. We do not need “ramp-up time” to get to know how regulatory professionals work. We do not talk to our clients in “tech speak,” but as expert partners in our client’s important health and safety mission.

It is an important distinction because the best tech minds in the world do not mean much if they do not understand your important job, and how you use our product every day. Nothing is more frustrating than calling a vendor with a question, or for support, and realizing the person on the other end of the line does not have a real understanding of what you actually do or how you do it.

Our knowledge base, and core competency in health and safety regulatory agencies, give us the key advantage of being able to work with our clients to add value at all stages of the process, as well as provide valuable perspective – and lessons learned – from other implementations. This results in better-configured systems while steering clear of some of the nightmares large technology projects can be known for.

We take our responsibility to make our clients’ (and the citizens they serve) lives easier – and more effective – very seriously. We would welcome the opportunity to show you the HS GovTech difference today.

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